I'm Steve, and I'm a freelance graphic designer and digital artist based in Nottinghamshire.



Born in April 1978, I decided to build Rome in a day. Having finished before teatime I decided to focus my creative juices on far more soul nourishing endeavours.


Several bacon sandwiches later and I'm writing this at the head of my website.


Things you should know about me and my portion of the Universe:


  • I have a fond dislike for spiders.


  • I'm rather passionate about the Volkswagen Golf GTi mk2.


  • My family are my most treasured of things. My love, my support, my protection, my eternal appreciation for accepting me and my insanities.


  • Buying me a pint won't get you any discount on your next invoice.


  • Buying me a steak will make me consider giving you a discount on your next invoice, but won't guarantee it in any way, shape or form.


  • Star Wars.



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